Douaneagent Dimetra

Our many years of expertise in cross-border transport

Specialized in transport to and from Switzerland

Douaneagent Dimetra is our in-house customs department, ensuring the smooth transport of your goods across the border. We have been specialized in transport to and from Switzerland since 1990. Because Switzerland is a non-EU country, customs procedures are always involved. Douaneagent Dimetra will help you with the right documents to export or import your products. After clearance, our drivers will take care of the safe and quick transport of your goods.

AEO certificate for reliable cross-border transport

The advantages of Douaneagent Dimetra

As an experienced transporter to and from Switzerland, we know the ropes. Douaneagent Dimetra takes care of the entire process and paperwork for you. As a representative of importing and exporting parties, we are committed to operating in a reliable and careful way, in accordance with international laws and regulations. Our AEO certification guarantees our speed and efficiency in this.

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Our own customs warehouse

Safe storage until the moment of clearance

Our qualified customs warehouse is located in Scherpenzeel. When your goods are still waiting for clearance, we can temporarily store them safely in our warehouse until they are cleared. Because of our bonded warehouse, allowing us to safely store your cargo ourselves, we can move quickly in planning the transport

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The right documents

Exactly what you need

We specialize in transport to and from Switzerland. That’s why we know exactly what documents are needed to get your cargo smoothly across the border. Documents for the tax authorities, a Proof of Origin and a commercial invoice are part of the requirements. Thanks to our electronic customs clearance, we can handle this process efficiently for you.

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The right decisions

We make sure you don't pay too much

Not only Customs, but also the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration is involved when you import goods from outside Europe. Because Switzerland is not part of the EU, you will have to pay import duties. We help you with the paperwork, as well as with making the right decisions. For example, it may be cheaper from a fiscal point of view to transport large, composite goods as components.

Advice on your cargo

Want to know more about the possibilities for your cargo?

We will be happy to discuss all options with you. Contact our planning department to set up a meeting right away.